donderdag 25 september 2008


How to hitchhike:
1. Decide where you want to go to.
2. Buy food and drinks for one day.
3. Pack light. Most of the time you are waiting for someone to pick you up. Don't expect everyone will pick you up and don't accept every ride. Not everyone has good intention and yes some people drink while driving. So as long if it's not neccesary, you can leave the stuff at home.
4.. Cut out some big cardboards and write on one of them your destination.
5. Write down the cities on the way to your destination. Most of the time you won't find a car that goes to your destination. It's good to know your options. The best way would be buying a map of the country. That's why you need other cardboards. Always comes in handy.
6. The chance someone will pick you up in the middle of the city is very small. Figure out which road goes to the highway you need. For good hitchiking spots in The Netherlands I always check the list on (even Landgraaf, the small town where I used to live, is on the list).
7. Stand a few meters in front of the high way. Standing on the high way is prohibited and very dangerous. Also don't stand on the areas where the cars accelerate.
8. Point your head in the direction of the cars heading to the highway ( so your back is pointing to the highway) and stretch your right arm and point your thumb up.

This way is wrong cause I didn't stretch my arm. By the way, I just got a ride from a painter from Utrecht to Weert. I just wanted to promote his company.

A good position but a bad place to hitchhike. I was already in Valencia by the way. And no, I didn't hitchhike to Valencia cause Spain isn't that open for hitchhiking yet.
9. Look drivers in the eyes and smile.:)

Happy hitchhiking!!! ^^

Got a ride from Leusden to Steenwijk in a crane.xD The driver kept on telling me not to accept every ride.Not all people are good.

I never felt scared on the road. Once a police officer called us back because we were to close to the high way. A lot of people offered us food and drinks. Most of the people who offer a ride used to hitchike when they were young themself or are truck drivers who want some company. Not all people are bad. And it's all about attitude, motivation and patience. I do always pray for God's permission. If something doesn't feel right, I don't do it. It's not about saving money. It's about learning something new and take roads other people don't take. I'm not planning to hitchhike my whole life. I heard from Majka a mother hitchhiked with her daughter when she was old enough. That's so awesome.
I might hitchhike to Munich or back to The Netherlands or maybe both ways this weekend. If I won't survive it, I can always use this old video I made for my parents if something goes wrong on my travels.=P

Last message to my parents. Wuppertal, Germany 2007

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Hallo Yen,

Een ander belangrijk punt bij het liften vind ik de veiligheid. Je weet nooit bij wie je in de auto zit. Dus volg je gevoel.



Anoniem zei

Please read the last post on my blog when you get a second.

Thanks girl!

Anoniem zei

Wanneer komt er weer een nieuw bericht.


M.Dari zei

hey girly,

leuk dat mijn reclame!!! (Schildersbedrijf Dari)op je blog staat wel een lelijke auto maar nu heb ik wel een caddy 2008 en ook bedankt voor je mail. Weggebruikers als je deze meid langs de weg ziet staan met een blondje of niet wel remmen zijn gezellige meiden om mee te nemen. Groetjes Mohammed Dari